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IInd INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP - THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY OF SOLID STATES at low temperatures (online), on 8-9 November 2022 to support peace and stand progress in Ukraine

Traditionally, the B. Verkin Institute for Low-Temperature Physics and Engineering of NAS of Ukraine holds wide-scope meetings in the field of condensed matter and low-temperature physics. This year we are not able to organize in Kharkiv our traditional International Conference "Condensed Matter &  Low-Temperature Physics CM & LTP 2022 due to the russian military aggression and invasion on the Ukraine territory. Nevertheless, we will organize IInd INTERNATIONAL THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY WORKSHOP (online) on 8-9 November 2022. The main CM & LTP conference has been postponed to 2023 to keep the high level and standards of this event with the traditional face-to-face communication between participants. We do the research studies right now using our limiting possibilities during wartime. We also strongly need to save communication and collaboration with colleagues that have respectful opinions about Ukraine's independence and our European choice for integration.

We invite you to attend the online Workshop “Thermal Conductivity of solid states at low temperatures”, which will be held in Kharkiv (online), Ukraine on 8-9 NOVEMBER 2022.


The main objective of the Thermal Conductivity Workshop is to provide comprehensive communication for experts in the area of low-temperature physics, thermal phenomena in solids, and heat transfer studies

We kindly expect that your report will provide a great scientific base for communication and discussion with the experts in the field of study of the thermal conductivity phenomena.


Research topics

  1. Low temperature thermal properties of quasi - 1D and 2D crystals.
  2. Heat transfer in magnetic materials.
  3. Collective excitations in molecular crystals and glasses.
  4. Heat phenomena in nanomaterials and material science.
  5. Thermal conductivity and quantum effects in solid states.

The 1st International Advanced Research Workshop "Thermal Conductivity Of Solid States at Low Temperature" was held in 2021 with the support of NRFU project № 2020.02/0094 "Quantum tunneling of vibrational excitations in thermal conductivity of crystalline and amorphous materials and composites". The Thermal Conductivity Workshop program was included keynote and researchers’ talks with the studies focused on the thermal phenomena in the solid states at low temperature. The book of abstact of the 1st Thermal Conductivity Workshop Thermal Conductivity Workshop 2021


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